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Kim is available for speaking engagements at book club events, schools, universities, libraries and churches. She is also readily available for video chat via SKYPE, Yahoo for schools, book clubs, classroom study etc., when time and distance pose an inconvenience.

Kim would be happy to appear live anywhere in the continental US, provided compensation for travel and accomodation expenses are agreed upon in advance.

Kim's message varies with her audience, and she will work with your organization to develop a presentation tailored to the needs of your members. Her primary topics are: personal and spiritual faith and strength, the healing power of forgiveness, the need to be diligent to signs of abuse in the community, and the need for everyone, young or old, to give back to their community in ways that promote cultural harmony and unity.

Kim has also developed an educational and informative workshop for writers called The Path to Publication, which offers first-hand knowledge and insight into the publishing world. The goal is to help first time authors avoid the pitfalls on the path to becoming a successfully published author.

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